Los Vinos

Bodega Zemlia (Zemlia Winery) was born in September 2008, as the result of the dreams and efforts of 5 friends. Our trip through the "vine and wine" world started in the Valle de Uco and Altamira vineyards, 80 kms. south of Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes at a 1.100 meters altitude. There, grapes reach an outstanding quality, making them fit to be used by the most famous wineries for their best wines.

All the same, we have a deep respect for the art of winemaking. To make our vision come true, we have gathered around us a group of skilled and renowned professionals and experts, who will accompany us in developing our project on the long term, completing our enthusiasm by transmitting us progressively part of their accumulated experience. Bodega Zemlia´s objectives are to produce Super and Ultra Premium wines, and to succeed in creating Icon wines when conditions are met, always using the highest quality in materials and processes.

Indeed, soils are made of alluvial deposits on a gravel bed, generating an optimal permeability and natural drainage. In turn, altitude provides sun more than 330 days a year, high temperature in day time and cool air during nights, such contrast being the guarantee of optimal maturing and sanitary conditions for the grapes. Giving life to Bodega Zemlia meant for us coming back to earth and to our roots, with the ambition of creating value through a product – wine – which has been part of our civilization for centuries. Indeed, Zemlia means both "earth" and "land", and by giving such name to our winery, we wished to honor the infinite and generous Argentinean land, as well as the soil and people of Mendoza.