Los Vinos

We are proud to bring you today our first range of mostly red wines, that already obtained numerous awards in renowned contests, both in Argentina and abroad, despite our winery's young age:

HIMNO is our top wine, formed at more than 85% by our best Malbec grapes.

EVOLUCION I y II, a strong Malbec base blends nicely with Cabernet, Merlot, Petit Verdot or Tannat.

ZEMLIA MALBEC, is our Premium wine made 100% with Malbec, a high quality entry to our wines range.

ZEMLIA ROSADO DE MALBEC, our Rose wine, is obtained by bleeding off our best red wine broths at the beginning of the winemaking process.

The Malbec grape comes originally from the South-West of France, in the Cahors region, where it is known as "Cot". This is the variety which undoubtedly adapted best to the Argentinean soil, where it found optimal ecological conditions for its development and now gives exceptional wines. So much so that today, for the world, Malbec rimes with Argentina, where you will find the most refined and complex wines of this variety.

The Malbec grapes, which are the base of our production, come mostly from our vineyards at Los Sauces, situated at the heart of Valle de Uco (the Uco Valley). We complete this distinctive component by Malbec and other varieties obtained from third party vineyards, selected and monitored by our experts, so as to generate an optimal quality, as well as provide the complements required by the most complex wines.

The Uco Valley is and will remain the major contributing area, as it gives our wines all the characteristics typical of altitude vineyards, grown in stony grounds, which give particularly intense aromas and flavors.

In our vineyards, irrigation is made through a dripping system, using pure waters which have slowly filtered through the nearby Andes and are free from any contamination. We harvest grapes by hand, in small 18 kg. bins, which allows a manual selection of berries.
Our enologist uses French and American oak barrels, from first hand and second hand usage, in order to give the wines soft touches of vanilla and wood.

We put a special attention to a strict control in all stages of the wine-making process, from the vineyard to the bottle. Therefore, not only we can guarantee the highest possible quality, but also we are able to trace the origin of all our wines to every vineyard (or even more precisely to each parcel of land) which contributed to it.